I have a gift,
a gift of no use.
The gift of no feelings,
the gift of no time,
the gift of art and poetry.
There are no boundries for me,
i do not sleep,
i use poetry instead of sleep.
I do not care for others,
my art keeps me alive.


people are like numbers,
numbers that can be twisted.
twisted and twirled,
so that they would tell you,
you and me what ever we would want.

Your poetry

You fight for your freedom
your freedom is everything to you
don't give up
giving up is betraying yourself
fight 'til your last breath
and fight even after your last breath -
point beying never give up -
your poetry is everything
to you.


I have no purpose,
i am useless.
Each day i fall
deeper in to the abyss.
That abyss is my fear.
The abyss awaits me,
wants me,
needs me.
My soul is getting darker -
My heart heavier.
The art I make.
The pictures i draw.
The music i listen.
No doubt,no fear -
It's all changing.


Viinamari see kallis mari,
see magus mari,
see ilus mari,
See on see mari mis meenutab sind,
see see ongi mis tuletab mul meelde su naeru,
see see on see mis tuletab meelde su surma.

My thoughts

My thoughts go through me,
i do not think, i write -
My hand has a mind of its own.
My hand has a soul -
Even my pen has a soul.
Every beying has a soul,
every object has a soul -
Every object has a purpose,
but not every beying has a purpose -
I'm not sure about my purpose in this life.


Your arrows are of no use -
They do not wound me,
they do not pierce my skin,
they don't even touch me.
They pass through me like air,
making me feel lika a ghost.
The arrows you shoot have no poison -
Even so they poison the soul.
The arrows might not be poisoness,
but their owner is.
the arrows end is as narrow
as a sparrows friend.

image of myself

you are the one that makes me feel
the pleasures of life and beauties of death.
you are the one that makes me heal
through all the torture and pain beneath my skin.
you are the one, the one i love , the one i lust,
the one i despise.
You are the one who gave me life , who gave me death.
Are you really the one for me,
Are you really here for me,
Am i alone ,am i dead,
Am i good or am i bad.

The fire in your eyes...

the fire in your eyes is like the fire in my soul -
it burns and burns and burns and burns until it dies out,
then my soul becomes darker and darker and darker
until i become numb.
the feelings inside me never show i will always be an actor at best,
never a hacker who's pro at last.

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