Teisipäeval anti popstaarile Nevadas üle Community Hero auhind naiste varjupaigas, mis on koduvägivalla ohvritele avatud 24 tundi ööpäevas. Nimelt annetab staar organisatsioonile iga müüdud pileti pealt ühe dollari.
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#DomesticViolence is obviously a subject very close and personal to my heart. This past week, I was honored to receive an award from @shadetreevegas, a domestic violence shelter that I donate to….and while I tried so hard not to cry, I ended up balling the whole way through my speech because the statistics of domestic violence in the US are truly horrifying & sad and it’s so important to spread more awareness. .. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men in the US are affected by domestic violence. Every minute, 20 people are affected by intimate partner violence in the US. That is 10 million a year. .. I remember often having to up and escape in the middle of the night with my mom & little sister, having just the clothes on our backs, to drive cross country for shelter at my grandma’s house. Without that, I would have had to turn to a place like @shadetreevegas for shelter. I have so much respect and adoration for those who give their time and support to hear these victims’ stories and help them regain strength, self empowerment and provide resources for a better independent future. Some aren’t so fortunate to get out….which is why it’s so important to work together to put a stop to these horrific statistics. Moreover, this isn’t just an issue in the US, but happens all over the world, in too many homes!! .. We need to use our voices to speak up, reach out and help one another break these deep rooted cycles and empower each other to end these patterns. . If you or someone you know is suffering from abuse, you can call 1-800-799-7233 and go to the @ndvhofficial #NationalDomesticHotline https://www.thehotline.org .. Check out https://theshadetree.org/ to find out more about their amazing work. And go to https://www.domesticshelters.org/fundraisers/wish-lists to find a shelter near you.

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"Ma üritasin väga mitte nutta, aga siis tönnasin hoopis terve kõne vältel," kirjutab staar Instagramis. "Statistika perevägivalla kohta on tõesti hirmutav ning on väga tähtis levitada selle kohta teadlikkust."

Lauljatar kirjeldas mälestusi seikadest, kui nägi pealt vägivalda omaenda ema peal ning veetis sageli öid koos ema ning väikese õega vanaema juures. "See on suur osa minust ning muusikast, mida ma teen."
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