Poisipõnn sai väga tähendusliku nime - Rise. "See tähendab kasvamist, edasi liikumise lihtsust. Me näeme oma pojas jõudu, et liikuda positiivsete muutuste ja parema maailma poole," kirjutas näitlejanna Instagramis.

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Thick as thieves..... 👶🏼🐶 When Ja’mie met Rise the first thing she did was gently lick his feet. They have been inseparable ever since. She think he’s her baby. If he cries, within seconds Ja’mie is there to check on him and to give him sweet kisses. My heart melts. Pit bulls get such a bad rep. And sadly people think they were bred to fight but in actuality they were bred to watch over children. The “Nanny Dog" If you wanted to keep your children safe, the pit bull was the most faithful and loving dog of any dog breed, especially with children. They are strong and loyal and love children. If your child had a pit bull dog as a pet, you felt that they were safe. So what happened? Ironically enough it is the wonderful qualities of the pit bull that have attracted it to the “criminal element”, which have victimized this wonderful breed of dog. The Pit Bull breed is strong and very intelligent. They are loyal and courageous. Their main goal is to please their owner. Yes, they look tough, but again they have not been referred to as the “Nanny Dog” for almost 100 years for nothing! At one time the pit bull dogs were the most beloved dogs in England and the United States. #blametheownernotthebreed #pitbulls #dontbullymybreed #adoptdontshop #staffordshirebullterrier #pibble #babiesandpitbulls #babiesandpits #babies #riseharlen #pregnancy #dogsandbabies

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