“Vahel on ühe tänavakassi elus väga palju ebaõiglust. Triibik Elli sündis ühte suvilapiirkonda kolooniakassiks, tema igapäevaks oli võitlus nälja, külma ja teiste kassidega. Tänu õnnele Ellit märgati ning sellele nõiaringile pandi lõpp — Elli saabus turvakodusse. Õigepea leidis Elli päris oma kodu ning talle võeti sõbraks väikene kassipoeg Liisu — kahest triibikutüdrukust said kiiresti lahutamatud sõbrannad. Elu oli ilus, kuni ühel päeval maailm kokku varises…,” kirjeldab MTÜ Kasside Turvakodu kurba lugu. Maailma kokku varisemise all on siinkohal peetud silmas hetke, mil Meriliniga kolis kokku tema kallim Roomet, kellel juhtus olema äge kassiallergia.

Kui tunned, et saaksid Ellit ja Liisut aidata, siis palun kirjuta aadressile info@kassideturvakodu.ee

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Thank you Elli for having taught me so much about life and love 🙏🏻 Today, one year ago I brought home a homeless cat from a shelter. Something I've never done and never would have imagined I'd do. They all told me: take a kitten - it'd be so much easier and it'd have no past issues... Nope, I just felt the need to help a soul out. To show someone abandoned pure love. I was wrong thinking I had so much love to give, cause what I actually wanted... Was mutual love - to also be able to receive love. I was ready for another conditional love relationship. But she was given to me to teach me something else - unconditional love. Something I had never actually experienced. Not even towards myself. She made my life pretty miserable at some point. She hid herself under the bed and couch for months. I was not able to see nor touch her, but I talked to her every day. After a few months she would come out to eat in front of me. I was overwhelmed! But she would never let me close. I remember the days I was giving up, thinking if I should take her back. I was used to thinking love existed only mutually. Until I finally realized this was not love. Love does not ask. Love does not make rules and conditions. She is worthy of my love with no obligation to give anything back. One seminar about spirituality changed my way of thinking and I sank into the life of meditation. I started sending her love. Manifesting Elli to open up to me. To trust me. And I remember it soooo friggin well, how a minute later she let me pet her! She literally jumped on the bed! Remember?? That was the moment I saw there is hope for her to heal. And from this day forward we have taken baby steps along the way. Not once have I not been grateful for her teaching me how to love unconditionally. Cause this is the only kind of love I want to experience. She is now my best friend, following me everywhere I go. She loves petting more than she loves food. She literally won't eat if I'm there cause she gives me all the attention in the world. She looks me straight in the eyes with her deepest look. She is an angel on my way. She is here to teach me to love myself just as I love her. 📸 @artur.ee.photography

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