Kõige kaugemalt tuleb lavale bänd IDIOTAPE Lõuna-Koreast. Bänd on žanreid purustav, segades oskuslikult kokku elektroonilist muusikat ja klassikalist rokki.

Teisteks välismaiseteks peaesinejateks on sel aastal Londoni sensatsioon Superorganism, Prantsuse räpipunt Chinese Man, Tel Avivi duo Lola Marsh, Ida-Euroopa suurim tõusev täht Ivan Dorn ja hüpnootilist tantsumuusikat viljelev Hollandi-Uus-Meremaa trio MY BABY.

Kodumaisetest artistidest on festivalile tulemas kirev seltskond ning muusikat jagub igale maitsele. Kuulda võib soundcloud`i põnevaid räppareid nagu Pluuto ja Villemdrillem, kauneid vokaale pakuvad Lenna ja YASMIN, kosmilisi helisid toovad Mick Pedaja ja Anett ning üles astuvad ka välismaal edu saavutanud Ewert and The Two Dragons ja Kadri Voorand in Duo with Mihkel Mälgand.

Samuti astub festivalil lavale meie oma rahvusvaheline popstaar ja paljude eestlaste lemmik Kerli, kes annab Intsikurmis kodumaisele rahvale selle suve ainsa kontserdi.

Mullu aprillis teatas Kerli, et on valmis Eestisse taga kolima, soovides elada Eesti metsade puhtas õhus ja looduses.
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I moved to LA exactly on my 20th birthday. Didn’t have much with me but 2 suitcases, one of them just books, and huge dreams. I secretly also moved for this guy I was madly in love with, who ghosted me the day I got there. So I was kind of left alone, with my fresh hair extensions and a t shirt I had cut into a crop top. I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t have shit but I was ready to take on the world!:) Fast forward 11 years and so much has happened. I’ve been homeless and looked at the Hollywood sign from my patio. I’ve had all my dreams come true and all of me shattered. I’ve felt liberation in the vastness of this city and been the kind of lonely I didn’t know existed. Everything I ached to taste, I tasted. And slowly but surely, over the past few years, I stopped bleeding for the mountain tops and I stopped making compromises that cost me peace. I realized I don’t need to earn my place in the Universe because I already am the perfect stitch in it’s fabric. And maybe it’s okay to feel like the concrete jungle is no place for a wild heart. And maybe it’s simply so that the pulse of 21 million people feels violent for a feral soul and I just wanna become softer now instead of becoming any tougher. I find myself waking up more days than not, dreaming of my other life in the wilderness where the only noises are of the birds and animals going on about their lives with no other agenda but to just be. Where the air is so clean my lungs choke up and where I barely ever wear shoes because they feel like an unnecessary barrier between me and the land. It’s okay to have your dreams change. It’s okay to change. As I sit here in my LA backyard, I once again got the one way ticket ready to go. My books are packed to come with me for the first time in 11 years and it feels good to know there’s a little piece of heaven waiting for me at the world’s edge that no one can take away or tarnish. I will talk to you from the woods<3 #estonia #artistretreat #dreamhome #magickingdom #magic

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