Nikole Mitchell kasvas üles baptistlikus peres ning temalt eeldati, et ta on vaikne, reserveeritud ja armas. Aga tema unistused ei olnud nii konservatiivsed.

Mitchell, kes nüüd töötab OnlyFansis eksootilise tantsijana, sõnas New York Postile: "Juba noorest saati unistasin ma strippariametist. Aga mind sunniti arvama, et minu ihad ja kehad on tegelikult patused."

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The incredible opportunities IG has given me: - I was asked to be on the Jimmy Kimmel Show - TWICE!😎 - I was pitched to have my own reality TV show (hello!)🙋🏽‍♀️ - I was pitched by Playboy Magazine International😏 - I landed my first millionaire client (woohoo!)💰 - I was interviewed by a London-based journalist - twice!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 - I was published by @LoveWhatMatters and my story got picked up and published in Germany and Australia!🇩🇪🇦🇺 - Countless modeling opportunities (pre-corona I was doing 2-3 shoots a week and was always turning down more because I simply couldn’t do them all!)📸 - Coaching clients😍 - Course students🥰 - Most of my Only Fans🤩 - Meeting and working with some of the best photographers!🙌🏾 - Making new amazing friends ❤ - An incredible online community💞 - Followers who have my back (the love is real when your followers speak up for you and defend you when the rare troll appears before you ever log online!)💪🏾 - Gifts!🎁 - Paid opportunities (interviews, modeling, coaching, Only Fans, etc)💵 - And more!😊 All of these came via Instagram!!! There is no shortage of dream opportunities for you. They’re all there waiting for you! But you have to know how to show up authentically and powerfully, let your energy draw all things to you, and grow your following! All of which I’ll be teaching inside my LIVE training this coming Monday!! It’s time to take advantage of all these opportunities that are trying to get into your life - and into your DMs. But you gotta know how to get their attention!🗣 Join me inside this LIVE training (held in a private fb group) on Monday where YOU can learn how to grow your IG following, influence, and opportunities from a place of clean, powerful, and magnetic energy. You get to have it all! And IG is one of the most effective ways to GET it all! Sign up in my bio! Love you! 📸: @colbyfiles

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Nii et strippamise asemel sai kolme lapse emast pastor. Kuid ka seda nähti tema peres mässumeelse sammuna. "Mind õpetati, et naised ei tohi juhtida, et naise koht on köögis ja lastetoas. Vaatamata sellele, et ma astusin vastu kõigele, kuidas mind õpetatud oli, hakkasin ma pastoriks, kuna mulle meeldib esineda," rääkis ta.

2011. aastal liitusid Mitchell ja tolleaegne abikaasa Minnesota osariigis St. Pauli linnas asuva Woodland Hillsi kirikuga, kus ta õppis soovõrdsust nende usu sees.

"See avas mu silmad," meenutas Mitchell aega, kui ta igal pühapäeval toimunud teenistuse järel oli esimene, kes pastori juurde tormas ja temalt täiendavaid küsimusi küsis. See oli ka aeg, mil talle pakuti ka ise võimalust pastoriks hakata ja tuhandete inimeste ees esineda.

Teotahet täis Mitchell liitus kogudusega ning 2016. aastal saigi temast pastor. Kuid juba samal aastal hakkas avalduma tema päris iseloom. 2016. aasta lõpus osales ta LGBT kogukonnale suunatud teatrilavastuses.

"Siis ma sain aru, et ma ei ole heteroseksuaal," meenutas Mitchell, kes peab end biseksuaalseks. "Ma teadsin, et kui oma oma seksuaalsust kellegagi jagan, siis ma võin kaotada kõik, sest kirikule ei meeldi omasooiharad," lisas ta.

Ühel hetkel ei suutnud ta enam oma saladust hoida ning 4. juulil 2017 lahkus ta kiriku juurest. Mõned kuu hiljem tuli ta YouTube vahendusel kapist välja.

ta mõtles pikalt, mida oma eluga edasi teha, kuni hakkas Instagramis jälgima üht pesumodelli. See oli ka aeg, mil ta soovis oma seksuaalsust paremini tundma õppida ning liitus koolitusega "Sexpress You".

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Look who it is, bitches!!! (Swipe) If you would have told me 2 years ago that I would be featured on a multimillionaire's website, it would have blown my own mind! (and this photo and post is from a year ago! Life’s only gotten more magical since then!) PLUS being asked to be on Jimmy Kimmel twice, being interviewed and published around the world, being pitched to have my own reality tv show, getting paid to travel and model, and meeting the most amazing souls... THIS IS MY LIFE! And let me be completely honest - it’s not exactly shocking. I CREATED this life. I found my power, got clear on what I wanted, and went about manifesting it. The same thing is true for you! You KNOW what you’re capable of. You know WHY you were put here. You know your DREAMS get to come true. You KNOW you will motherfucking make it. Because you know your heart is telling you the truth! When my heart said I was capable of massive wealth, fame, and success, I believed her. I listened to her. I embodied that truth. And look where we are today. And as my quote says in the picture to the right, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. I haven't even BEGUN to tap into my success. I haven't even BEGUN to make the kind of money I know I'm capable of. I am only getting started and it's only going to get explosively better from here on out. This is just the starting point. 🔥😏🔥 This is available to you as well. If you are ready to take your life to the next level, if you're ready to create success from the inside out, if you're ready to build a life that honors who you were born to be, then I am your person. It's time for you to rise. It's time for you to thrive. It's time for the world to know you by name. Let's get you where you're meant to be. DM me or hit that life coaching link in my bio! 📸: @allthingsboudoir

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Natuke pärast seda võttis ta ühendust fotograafiga, et teha oma esimene alasti fotosessioon. Tundes põnevust strippari ja eksootilise modelli tööst, alustas Mitchell oma OnlyFans kanaliga, kus müüb raha eest paljastavat sisu.

"Ma alustasin alguses ujedalt, tehes vaid topless fotosid, kuid nüüd võtan ma vastu inimeste soove ning pakun sisu, mis on spetsiaalselt neile tehtud," rääkis endine pastor.

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Märtsikuus tehti talle ka pakkumine kellegagi raha eest seksida. Ta oli sellega nõus, kuid koroonaviiruse tõttu jäi see katki.

Mitchell kolis Los Angelesse ning lahutas abikaasast juunis. Uue karjääri tõttu tunneb ta end õnnelikumana kui kunagi varem.