KOHUTAVAD KAADRID | Kallim hammustas kanadalanna nina otsast ära: vaata, milline naine nüüd välja näeb!

KOHUTAVAD KAADRID | Kallim hammustas kanadalanna nina otsast ära: vaata, milline naine nüüd välja näeb!

Kanadast pärit Allyson Danylko peab mõnda aega elama ilma ninata, sest tema armukade endine peigmees hammustas teda lahkuminnes näost.

24-aastane Danylko väidab, et temast kuus aastat vanem Nick Grewal ei lasknud naisel lahkuda, kui viimane otsustas, et nende suhe on lõppenud. Mees piiras ta vannituppa sisse ning hammustas naise nina otsast. Pole kindel, kas Grewal sõi ninaotsa ise ära või lasi selle vetsupotist alla.

Tüli algas vana-aastaõhtul toimunud peol ning paar otsustas minna edasi rääkima mehe koju. Danylko sõnul oli mees tema pärast kade.

Kell 6.20 jooksis klienditeenindajana töötav naine naabrite juurde, kes kutsusid abi.

Nüüd palub naine inimeste abi, sest iluoperatsiooniks, mille käigus taastatakse tema nina, on vaja 10 000 dollarit. Hetkel on tal kogutud pool sellest.

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This is never ok !! OKAY ?! Firstly know I am not a domestic abuse VICTIM I won’t be known as someone wanting to share a message that of pitty and shame in fact I want my story to help others know of this this domestic abuse situation. Being in that this is the extent I was brought to by bringing back into my life the “ex bf that was “. never ever EVER do I want another to go threw the excruciating pain, the trauma of blood pouring into your clothes as it was a piece of facial tissue that had been chewed off as I was. I was beyond in shock and horrific realization when I saw my image in a mirror 2 hours after the incident I couldn’t believe it to be true .. but this is my life now I have a hole missing off my nose. I have a bandage that must always have to be covering the wound to prevent infection. I will have a skin graft from a piece taken off my ear that they use as they couldn’t use the flesh that was ripped off of my nose on account he either swallowed it or flushed it in the toilet. All I know is that we got thought this. THIS isn’t about me ok this is about WE never again will we as a woman stay silent towards domestic abuse !! I was attacked by him in August.. New Years after we went out to efs and went back to his house he took it to this point and further more the attacks only got worse since I got back w him . Ladies know you are NOT alone . I am not a victim but a survivor and a voice !!!!!! Had I not escaped out of the house he held me against my will in: I probably never would of survived .. let’s not look at this at this as a pitty but a righteous act I CANNOT BE BROKEN. But I can use my voice to help others . Thank you thank you thank you god !!!!! I got bigger plans in this existence of mine Allyson is no where near her end of life although he nearly murdered me we are just getting started in my own life plan ; his jealousy over me and beatings and mental abuse he put me threw are not enough to stop ME . This was a mere minor set back . No man no woman can hold me back from my blessings I have to come not even his satanic self ; try again we god the lord and Jesus Christ on our side and our voice can not be silenced !!!!!!

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